“Porous flow in particle-based fluid simulations” by Lenaerts, Adams and Dutré

  • ©Toon Lenaerts, Bart Adams, and Philip Dutré




    Porous flow in particle-based fluid simulations



    This paper presents the simulation of a fluid flowing through a porous deformable material. We introduce the physical principles governing porous flow, expressed by the Law of Darcy, into the Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) framework for simulating fluids and deformable objects. Contrary to previous SPH approaches, we simulate porous flow at a macroscopic scale, making abstraction of individual pores or cavities inside the material. Thus, the number of computational elements is kept low, while at the same time realistic simulations can be achieved. Our algorithm models the changing behavior of the wet material as well as the full two-way coupling between the fluid and the porous material. This enables various new effects, such as the simulation of sponge-like elastic bodies and water-absorbing sticky cloth.


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