“Podiy: A Design and Production Support System for Pouch” by Ikeda and Igarashi

  • ©Yuki Ikeda and Yuki Igarashi

  • ©Yuki Ikeda and Yuki Igarashi

  • ©Yuki Ikeda and Yuki Igarashi



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    Podiy: A Design and Production Support System for Pouch



    In order to make handicrafts, it is necessary to go through the following processes: designing, calculating patterns, collecting materials and sewing. Each process has difficult points for novices to complete their works. For example, to design an original pouch, one needs to construct an appropriate 2D pattern which is very difficult. Some studies have already been proposed for computer-assisted handicrafts for novices. Plushie is an interactive design system that allows nonprofessional designers to develop their own original plush toys[Mori and Igarashi 2007]. Igarashi et al. proposed a system to design a customized cover for a given 3D model[Igarashi et al. 2009].
    We propose “Podiy”, a system that supports novices to create their original designed pouch. By supporting the process from design to production, we aim to support the difficulties that the user has to complete their handicraft work.


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©Yuki Ikeda and Yuki Igarashi


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