“Playing with Fire and Water – The Making of Pixar’s Elemental” by Bakshi, Marshall, Kanyuk, Gilbert and Jones

  • ©Sanjay Bakshi, Stephen Marshall, Paul Kanyuk, Max Gilbert, and Amy Jones




    Playing with Fire and Water – The Making of Pixar’s Elemental



    What does a world look that is shaped by waves of dynamic “elemental” immigrants? Elemental’s characters are comprised of the classical four elements: Fire, Water, Earth and Air. From the very beginning, the director’s vision, especially for the main character, Ember and Wade, was have them actually be made of fire and water. This required a very different process from anything ever attempted at Pixar! How do you control volumetric simulations to create appealing characters who need to give nuanced performances? In this presentation, you will hear from the filmmakers who took up the daunting technical challenge of re-engineering Pixar’s pipeline to push the stylization of the characters and world while maintaining the richness, complexity and sophistication of 3D.

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