“Pixomondo Presents Hugo: A Cinematic Convergence of 3D and Visual Effects” by Grossman, Henning, Watkins and Gratzner

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    Pixomondo Presents Hugo: A Cinematic Convergence of 3D and Visual Effects


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    In “Hugo”, Martin Scorsese’s love letter to classic cinema and cinema history, the director was passionate about pushing the capabilities of stereoscopic filmmaking to new heights. Pixomondo developed custom workflows to handle complex challenges in VFX and capture all of the live-action production data required to accommodate the rigorous effects and post-production demands of the project. This Pixomondo panel discusses the creative and technical challenges they overcame to achieve Scorsese’s vision for early filmmaking in stereo 3D. Also joining them: New Deal Studios visual effects supervisor, Matthew Gratzner, who was responsible for creating the train crash sequence in the film.

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