“Phase-based video motion processing” by Wadhwa, Rubinstein, Durand and Freeman

  • ©Neal Wadhwa, Michael Rubinstein, Frédo Durand, and William T. Freeman




    Phase-based video motion processing

Session/Category Title: Video & Warping




    We introduce a technique to manipulate small movements in videos based on an analysis of motion in complex-valued image pyramids. Phase variations of the coefficients of a complex-valued steerable pyramid over time correspond to motion, and can be temporally processed and amplified to reveal imperceptible motions, or attenuated to remove distracting changes. This processing does not involve the computation of optical flow, and in comparison to the previous Eulerian Video Magnification method it supports larger amplification factors and is significantly less sensitive to noise. These improved capabilities broaden the set of applications for motion processing in videos. We demonstrate the advantages of this approach on synthetic and natural video sequences, and explore applications in scientific analysis, visualization and video enhancement.


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