“Parallel Processing For Computer Vision And Display” Moderated by

  • ©Peter W. Dew, Henry Fuchs, Tosiyasu L. Kunii, and Michael J. Wozny



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    Parallel Processing For Computer Vision And Display


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    Current developments in parallel processing are of increasing interest to those concerned with the creation, display and analysis of pictures. This panel explores the impact that devel- opments in parallelism are having in the traditional areas of computer graphics and visualization. State-of-the-art topics include SIMD machines, VLSI and ULSI architectures for vision and image, high performance visualization of 3-D models, parallel algorithms, low-level vision, theoretical aspects, image segmentation, CSP arrays and transputers, real-time 3-D graphics and pattern recognition. The following are of great significance:
    • Computer graphics and computer vision strategies are being brought together via vision and Al techniques.
    • Ingenious developments in parallel architectures are producing systems capable of exploitation in novel and revolutionary application areas.
    • The sum total of these tools is a range of powerful and innovative systems that will change the face of computer graphics and the traditional man/machine interface.

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