“Panel: Getting the Word Out: How to Publish in the 3D World” by Niles, Hill and Thacker

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    Panel: Getting the Word Out: How to Publish in the 3D World




    Universities, colleges and high schools are often rich areas for technique development, technology progression, and the opportunity for dynamic advanced in learning 3D concepts. Unfortunately, often all of these great advances go unnoticed locally, nationally and internationally even though dissemination of research is an important part of most college and university professors’ job descriptions and career development.

    The exposure publication provides for a professor, a department or a university is hard to over-rate. Exposure helps the professor’s career and brings attention to the department and opportunities for the department’s students. A publishing professor brings benefits to everyone from the University he teaches at to the students who attend the institution.

    But despite all the benefits known to educators, finding venues for distribution of new ideas or techniques can be a daunting task. Who wants the ideas? Are trade magazines interested in teaching techniques? Do the ideas warrant an article, a series of articles, or a book? Even more intimidating is the prospect of trying to package the ideas in a way that is attractive to publishers. Do I write the article or book and then submit it to potential publishers or do I send just the idea? Or does the solution exist somewhere in between?

    Ironically, publishers ( those with the power to distribute the ideas that are so carefully developed in academia) are always on the lookout for new ideas, new techniques, and writers who can articulate them. They are aggressively looking for the same kind of ideas that their readership eagerly awaits. Good articles and good books mean good sales and good distribution. They want to publish educator’s work.

    So if educators want to publish and publishers want to publish educator’s work, why is there such a disconnect?

    There needn’t be. This panel would be the means of bringing together those with the ideas together with the publishers and editors who are hungry for them. The panel consists of two book publishers who publish books for the beginning to advanced 3D market. Many of their books are used as textbooks throughout the country. Additionally, the panel also has the Editor in Chief of one of the top international 3D trade magazines.

    These panelists can provide details on what they are looking for in proposals. They will expound on desired focus, scope, and what the details of proposals should be. Additionally, the panel will give words of wisdom on “who to send what to whom”.


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