“Panel: Digital Illusion: Theme Park Visualization-Part One” Moderated by

  • ©Kevin Biles, Richard Edlund, Michael Harris, Phil Hettema, Mario Kamberg, Brenda Laurel, Sherry McKenna, and Allen Yamashita




    Panel: Digital Illusion: Theme Park Visualization-Part One

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    Interactive techniques and high-resolution visualization are being combined into new forms of location-based entertainment (LBE) attractions in theme parks. These installations typically are unique, expensive, and exciting in ways not previously possible. Many computer graphics professionals view the theme park-LBE facet of the entertainment industry as a new potential market for their products and services. It is a diverse array of converging technologies in computing, communications, and entertainment. Some of the attractions can accurately be considered user interfaces. 

    Panelists will represent the following viewpoints: the client, the producer, the designer/ creative director, and the theorist (the future of multimodal interfaces). Special two-panel structure.

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