“Origamizing 3D surface by symmetry constraints” by Tachi

  • ©Tomohiro Tachi




    Origamizing 3D surface by symmetry constraints



    We present a new method for “origamizing” or designing the origami crease pattern to construct a given arbitrary polyhedral surface through user interaction. The author [2006a; 2006b] previously proposed a method for manually designing 3D origami surface based on aligning facets and “tucking molecules.” However, crease pattern generated by such method is supposed to be super-complex and hard to be folded due to the general tucking molecules without symmetry.


    1. Tachi, T., 2006. 3D Origami Design based on Tucking Molecule. Fourth International Conference on Origami in Science, Mathematics, and Education (4OSME).
    2. Tachi, T., 2006. 3D Origami Teapot. SIGGRAPH 2006 Teapot Exhibit.

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