“Optimizing Rig Manipulation with GPU and Parallel Evaluation”

  • ©John Kahwaty, Walter Yoder, Andy Lin, Gene S. Lee, and David Suroviec



Entry Number: 63


    Optimizing Rig Manipulation with GPU and Parallel Evaluation



    Rig speed plays a critical role in animation pipelines. Real-time performance provides instant feedback to artists, thereby allowing quick iterations and ultimately leading to better quality animation. A complete approach to real-time performance requires both playback and manipulation at interactive speeds. A pose-based caching system (PBCS) addresses the former, but the manipulation of complex rigs remains slow. This paper speeds up rig manipulation by taking advantage of modern multi-core architectures and the GPU, and by constructing rigs that evaluate efficiently on parallel processing hardware. This complete approach, including tool updates and rig optimizations, was used successfully to significantly improve interactive rig manipulation performance on Frozen 2.


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