“OpenGL: What’s Coming Down the Graphics Pipeline” by Shreiner, Angel, Licea-Kane and Hart

  • ©Dave Shreiner, Edward (Ed) Angel, Bill Licea-Kane, and Evan Hart



Entry Number: 22


    OpenGL: What's Coming Down the Graphics Pipeline



    This class is appropriate for programmers who have at least an introductory knowledge of the techniques of computer graphics (for example, z-buffering, Gouraud shading, etc.) and are able to read basic programs written in C.

    OpenGL is the programming interface for cross-platform graphics applications in a wide range of systems, from supercomputers to mobile phones, and just like graphics hardware, it evolves with new graphics technology. This class presents an introduction to OpenGL, espouses best practices for performance and compatibility with future versions of the API, and provides a glimpse of OpenGL’s future directions.

    Topics include: the graphics pipeline from vertex specification to enabling texture maps, the use of shaders with programmable hardware, managing geometric transformations, lighting and illumination, increasing realism with texture mapping, efficient implementation, and how to extend those techniques using shaders.

    The class includes program examples that are immediately usable in attendees’ own applications.


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