“Open Source In-camera Visual Effects Calibration Workflow” by Payne and Giardiello

  • ©Carol Payne and Francesco Luigi Giardiello



Entry Number: 02


    Open Source In-camera Visual Effects Calibration Workflow



    This presentation introduces the OpenVPCal toolset, an open source in-camera visual effects calibration framework. The toolset includes reference patch generation, creation of calibration color transforms, and custom 1D roll off lookup tables (LUTs) to control content brightness while attempting to maintain a linear light output from the LED panels. The resulting transforms can be expressed via an OpenColorIO Config [OCIO Contributors 2022] file, making tracking and transport easier for productions to manage and reproduce. We hope that by making this workflow open source and accessible, it will increase dialogue between practitioners in the space, leading to new novel improvements for creating more amazing content worldwide.


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