“Office Automation with a Graphical Accent”

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    Office Automation with a Graphical Accent

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    Who should attend?

    This course is designed for anyone who will manage, work with or use the rapidly expanding tools of office automation.

    Recommended background

    An interest in applying computer graphics to office use is Suggested.

    Course description

    This course will offer an introduction to office automation, with the viewpoint geared to a graphics audience. Office automation will be defined and discussed as it affects offices today and in the near future. The connection between office automation and graphics—at the electronic, the document production and the presentation level—will be probed at length. The uses of graphics to more effectively interface and train office automation users as well as the state-of-the- art and future trends in office automation graphics will be discussed. The session will conclude with a panel discussion.

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    Pete Segal

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