“NVIDIA: Reimagine your Curriculum with OpenUSD and NVIDIA Omniverse™” by Scholl

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    NVIDIA: Reimagine your Curriculum with OpenUSD and NVIDIA Omniverse™



    Universal Scene Description (OpenUSD) is an open and extensible ecosystem that encompasses a collection of fundamental tools and capabilities to accelerate workflows, teams, and projects, whether you are creating assets and environments for large-scale, connected virtual worlds or building the tools that will make these worlds possible. Omniverse, built on OpenUSD, is a multi-GPU, scalable computing platform designed to build 3D workflows and applications for virtual worlds. Omniverse is a game changer for Higher Education.

    We believe educators and students can help us shape the future of a world with an infinite number of connections, app to app, person to person, and classroom to classroom. We will cover how to get started with Omniverse in an educational setting using Teaching Kits, Programs for Educators, and other resources available through the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute.

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