“Now and then, here and there: industrilandskapet” by Economou, Ollila, Friberg and Ynnerman

  • ©Konstantin Economou, Mark Ollila, Martin Etherton Friberg, and Anders Ynnerman



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    Now and then, here and there: industrilandskapet

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    As cultural heritages go, or rather stand firm, the Norrköping “industrial landscape” (industrilandskapet in Swedish) has been the object of cultural regeneration over the last two decades. Once, one of Sweden’s largest city center industrial sites, major supplier of textile and paper it has now become the nexus of cultural activity. Museums, a concert hall and, the university, have now made the scenery different. In turning the landscape over we might think that old industrial life has succumbed to the changes in industrialisation making Norrköping move from manufacture to knowledge industry. In museums, this era of “old” is depicted in nostalgic ways – as “lost” cultural heritage rather than as living imagery. And, where did manufacturing go? Is it the case that industry has changed or has it just moved.

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