“Non-photorealistic virtual environments” by Klein, Li, Kazhdan, Correa, Finkelstein, et al. …

  • ©Allison W. Klein, Wilmot Li, Michael Kazhdan, Wagner Correa, Adam Finkelstein, and Thomas (Tom) A. Funkhouser




    Non-photorealistic virtual environments



    We describe a system for non-photorealistic rendering (NPR) of virtual environments. In real time, it synthesizes imagery of architectural interiors using stroke-based textures. We address the four main challenges of such a system — interactivity, visual detail, controlled stroke size, and frame-to-frame coherence — through image based rendering (IBR) methods. In a preprocessing stage, we capture photos of a real or synthetic environment, map the photos to a coarse model of the environment, and run a series of NPR filters to generate textures. At runtime, the system re-renders the NPR textures over the geometry of the coarse model, and it adds dark lines that emphasize creases and silhouettes. We provide a method for constructing non-photorealistic textures from photographs that largely avoids seams in the resulting imagery. We also offer a new construction, art-maps, to control stroke size across the images. Finally, we show a working system that provides an immersive experience rendered in a variety of NPR styles.


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