“Non-Linear Kernel-Based Precomputed Light Transport”

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    Non-Linear Kernel-Based Precomputed Light Transport


    We propose a real-time method for rendering static objects with complex materials under distant all-frequency lighting. Existing precomputed light transport approaches [Sloan et al. 2002; Ng et al. 2003] can render objects with complex material properties (e.g., anisotropy, translucency) and complex global illumination effects (e.g., interreflections, soft shadows, subsurface scattering). However, they are either restricted to low-frequency illumination or they assume a fixed viewer.
    In this sketch we propose a solution that allows both. Our method is based on two components: (1) a compact non-linear representation for precomputed light transport that can be integrated rapidly with the distant all-frequency illumination, and (2) a new interpolation scheme that enables rendering of an arbitrary viewpoint from only a sparse set of precomputed views. Figure 1 shows an object rendered using our method.


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