“NOISE AQUARIUM” by Vesna, Vendl, Fröschl and Bristol

  • ©Victoria Vesna, Alfred Vendl, Martina R. Fröschl, and Glenn Bristol


    Plankton serve as one of the primary bases of the marine food chain and are as a result a crucial component of Earth’s ecosystem. Project Noise Aquarium deals with unnatural noise in the oceans largely associated with fossil fuels as an environmental issue. This project offers a species-rich idyll as well as visual attractiveness, thus evoking interest in and attention for these vital microcreatures and their disturbance from noise pressure waves. Noise Aquarium aims to awaken awareness for biodiversity and introduces a collection of accurate tomographic 3D-scanned 3D models as a resource for scientific and artistic research. The academic and creative potential of a cooperation, as it was developed for this project, allowed all participants to learn to move beyond the comfort of their fields and communicate with experts from other disciplines. The animation was expanded with various scientific imaging techniques. This specific 3D scanning microcreatures technique developed by the biologists adds a layer of authenticity to the animation that has not previously been done with planktons by an art-science team. The installation lets participants interact with enormously enlarged plankton surrounded by microplastics. The ecosystem gets balanced by stillness so that the noise disappears and audiences watching can hear the whale sounds and think about the complex interconnections of the living systems in Earth’s bodies of water.

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