“NiCE formula editor” by Leitner, Rendl, Perteneder, Gokcezade, Seifried, et al. …

  • ©Jakob Leitner, Christian Rendl, Florian Perteneder, Adam Gokcezade, Thomas Seifried, Michael Haller, Robert (Bob) Zeleznik, and Andrew Bragdon


    Interactive Whiteboards are becoming an increasingly important component of face-to-face meetings, particularly in educational settings. Still, non-interactive surfaces have remained the standard for mathematics-oriented discussions in part due to the lack of robust algorithms for recognizing handwritten mathematical expressions. Thus teachers, for example, are typically burdened with drawing visualizations by hand to reinforce abstract and complex mathematical problems. Our work expands upon the notion of mathematical sketching [1] by supporting both pen and touch interactions on an interactive whiteboard to write expressions, to perform algebraic transformations, and to drive sophisticated 2D and 3D illustrations. By incorporating lightweight touch-based interactions, students can “play” with formulas and explore mathematics from a fundamentally interactive perspective that we believe many will find to be engaging and enjoyable.


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