“Next Billion Cameras” by Efros, Raskar and Seitz

  • ©Alexei A. Efros and Steven M. Seitz



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    Next Billion Cameras



    What will a camera look like 10 years from now? How should we change the camera to improve mobile photography? How will a billion networked and portable cameras change the social culture? How can we use bio-inspired processing to decompose sensed values into perceptually critical elements? How will online photo collections transform visual social computing?
    Capture and analysis of visual information plays an important role in photography, art, medical imaging, tele-presence, worker safety, scene understanding, and robotics. But current computational approaches analyze images from single cameras that have only limited abilities. Cameras of the future will exploit unusual optics, novel illumination, and emerging sensors. A significant enhancement in the next billion cameras to support scene analysis and mechanisms for superior metadata tagging for effective sharing will bring about a revolution in visual communication. This course explores the trends and issues associated with that revolution.

    Level: Introductory

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