“Music-driven motion editing” by Cardle, Brooks, Barthe, Hassan and Robinson

  • ©Marc Cardle, Stephen Brooks, Loïc Barthe, Mo Hassan, and Peter Robinson



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    Music-driven motion editing

Session/Category Title:   Animation Techniques



    Sounds are generally associated with motion events in the real world, and as a result there is an intimate connection between the two. Hence, producing effective animations requires the correct association of sound and motion, which remains an essential, yet difficult, task. But unlike prior, application-specific systems such as [Lytle90; Singer97], we address this problem with a general framework for synchronizing motion curves to perceptual cues extracted from the music. The user is able to modify existing motions rather than needing to incorporate unadapted musical motions into animations. An additional fundamental feature of our system is the use of music analysis techniques on complementary MIDI and analog audio representations of the same soundtrack.


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    2. Singer, E., and Rowe, R., 1997. Two highly integrated real-time music and graphics performance systems. ICMC.

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