“Musasabi: 2D/3D intuitive and detailed visualization system for the forest” by Kato, Kato, Okamura, Kanai, Suzuki, et al. …

  • ©Takuya Kato, Akira Kato, Naomi Okamura, Taro Kanai, Ryo Suzuki, and Yuko Shirai



Entry Number: 79


    Musasabi: 2D/3D intuitive and detailed visualization system for the forest



    Trees have been a pillar of our lives not just for human but for all the species living in the earth. Despite of its blessings for our lives, the heaps of problems around forestry have not been solved. One of the major problems in this field is that most of the forest are not been sorted into an organized database. Detailed natural data have never been provided even in famous map applications, Google earth for instance, induced from its difficulty. The forest database has been demanded in many regions as it provides beneficial information for both industrial and environmental aspects. It even helps many divisions such as CG animations to simulate not only a tree itself but also the mountain or the forest as a whole depending on given natural conditions.


    We would like to thank Fujiichi, Ltd. and Forest Technique Ltd. for supporting us as the forestry specialists.


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