“Multiresolution video” by Finkelstein, Jacobs and Salesin

  • ©Adam Finkelstein, Charles Jacobs, and David Salesin




    Multiresolution video



    We present a new representation for time-varying image data that allows for varying—and arbitrarily high—spatial and temporal resolutions in different parts of a video sequence. The representation, called multiresolution video, is based on a sparse, hierarchical encoding of the video data. We describe a number of operations for creating, viewing, and editing multiresolution sequences. These operations support a variety of applications: multiresolution playback, including motion-blurred “fast-forward” and “reverse”; constant speed display; enhanced video scrubbing; and “video clip-art” editing and compositing. The multiresolution representation requires little storage overhead, and the algorithms using the representation are both simple and efficient.


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