“Multipass Rendering in Mental Ray” by Duiker and Driemeyer

  • ©Haarm-Pieter Duiker and Thomas Driemeyer



Entry Number: 000


    Multipass Rendering in Mental Ray


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    ESC Entertainment and Mental Images


    Rendering resources are by definition constrained and yet the task of rendering many objects at high quality is frequently encountered in the effects industry. Breaking up scenes into renderable pieces, or passes, is a common approach to rendering large scenes. To achieve the quantity of photo-real effects in frame that were required by the scripts of the Matrix Reloaded and the Matrix Revolutions, mental images and ESC Entertainment developed a system for rendering and automatically compositing many passes. The system we developed has the key advantage that it takes as its compositing primitive not the pixel but the sample.


    The team at mental images deserves credit for the implementation of this system. Dev Mannemela has been instrumental in completing a set of tools for the system. Ray Haleblian, Scott Liedtka, and Andrew Harris braved the dangers of using the system in production. Andy Lomas, Olivier Maury, and Scot Shinderman’s algorithms helped, and the advice of John Schlag, George Borshukov, and Kim Libreri proved invaluable.

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