“Multi-level segmentation of dance motion by piecewise regression” by Miura, Mitobe, Kaiga, Yukawa, Taniguchi, et al. …

  • ©Takeshi Miura, Kazutaka Mitobe, Takaaki Kaiga, Takashi Yukawa, Toshiyuki Taniguchi, Hideo Tamamoto, and Noboru Yoshimura



Entry Number: 14


    Multi-level segmentation of dance motion by piecewise regression



    It has been recognized that a technique to divide a raw motion-capture data stream of a dance into segments on the time axis is needed [Sonoda 2008]. In particular, the extraction of the higher-level information such as the hierarchical segmentation-structure is a subject of growing interest at the present time. In this study, the authors attempt to develop a method to segment dance motion in a multi-level style, namely in a hierarchical fashion.


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