“Motion Capture in Practice” by Dyer, Flaherty and Benquey

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    Motion Capture in Practice

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    Although motion capture as an animation technique has been with us for only the last six or seven years, it has successfully made the journey from being a cute new technology to being used in production and finally to being reviled as the Devil’s rotoscope. In making such a quick trip, I fear that we’ve missed the essential value of motion capture as an animation tool. While the worst examples of bad motion capture are held up as proof of the fatal flaws in the concept, I believe that we can examine the success stones and seek to understand how motion capture is used successfully in animation production. The purpose of this course is to understand motion capture in practice, not in theory. We must see how motion capture is applied to animation problems and how studios utilize the technology in their everyday work. We won’t be examining how motion capture hardware operates, or the differences between optical and magnetic tracking, or the construction of the suits worn by the performers. Instead, we will concentrate on the impact of motion capture on the technical and creative processes.  


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