“Modeling soil: realtime dynamic models for soil slippage and manipulation” by Li and Moshell

  • ©Xin Li and Michael Moshell




    Modeling soil: realtime dynamic models for soil slippage and manipulation



    A physically based model of an object is a mathematical
    representation of its behavior, which incorporates principles
    of Newtonian physics. Dynamic soil models are required in
    animations and realtime interactive simulations in which
    changes of natural terrain are involved. Analytic methods,
    based on soil properties and Newtonian physics, are presented
    in the paper to model soil slippage and soil manipulations.
    These methods can be used to calculate the evolution of a given
    soil configuration under the constraint of volume conservation
    and to simulate excavating activities such as digging, cutting,
    piling, carrying or dumping soil. Numerical algorithms with
    linear time and space complexities are also developed to meet
    the requirement of realtime computer simulation.


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