“Modeling Animated Jumbo Floral Display on Disney’s “Encanto”” by Finley, Erickson, Mund and Liu

  • ©Andrew Finley, Jesse Erickson, Peter De Mund, and Ying Liu



Entry Number: 43


    Modeling Animated Jumbo Floral Display on Disney’s "Encanto"



    Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “Encanto” called for many dazzling musical numbers with special effects. Isabela’s song “What Else Can I Do?” was one of the most technically challenging. In this sequence, Isabela finds freedom from the pressure and constraints of society’s expectations, and lets her true self shine. Throughout this musical number, her environment represents her emotional transformation through the colorful, expressive, and hypnotizing flower patterns that appear on the walls of her bedroom. This effect required hundreds of thousands of flowers to change colors and move in kaleidoscopic patterns. This talk discusses the technical challenges encountered in bringing Isabela’s room to life and the subsequent artistic and technical solutions.

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