“MOCAP in the Classroom: Now & Tomorrow” by Garvey and Sebek

  • ©Gregory P. Garvey and Anezka Sebek




    MOCAP in the Classroom: Now & Tomorrow



    From Robert Abel’s “Sexy Robot” of 20 years ago to Tom Hank’s tour-de-force multi-role performance in the computer animated feature Polar Express, motion capture and motion tracking have made important changes to how computer animation is planned and carried out for film and game production. The frontier of the analysis, understanding and quantification of human (and even animal) motion promises many new exciting innovations. This presentation will address the use of motion capture technology by educational institutions and the necessary changes to curricula. Models for adoption/integration will be presented by showcasing animation projects completed by undergraduates at Quinnipiac University and team projects completed by graduate students at Parsons School of Design. Finally a look ahead will examine future developments.


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