“Miscellany Drawer Assignment” by Lewis

  • ©Richard W. Lewis




    Miscellany Drawer Assignment



    The Miscellany Drawer is an introductory project for learning modeling in 3D software for CGI animation that incorporates collaboration and 3D printing. It gives students the opportunity to recreate a real-life object while learning about the software interface and modeling tools before getting into actual animation. Traditionally the modeling of the object was the extent of the exercise but the 3D printing and collaborative aspects have been added to help students see the possibilities of new technologies, draw connections to 3D printing used in stop motion animation, draw connections with fine artists like Louise Nevelson and Claes Oldenburg, and draw connections to the collaborative nature of animation production pipelines. Students will sketch, model, and 3D print a hard surface object approved by the class to promote variety and complexity in the final composition. The class will combine all the individual prints into a shoebox using stick-tac and superglue to adhere the pieces into a well-designed artwork. To ensure it is not just a few students arranging the box but everyone contributing, each student can only touch or move their own 3D print. With multiple sections of the class, doing the project over the course of a few years the boxes can be arranged to create an large installation art piece.


    The author would like to thank the MTSU Department of Media Arts, MT Engage program, and Walker Library Makerspace for supporting this work.


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