“Mind-Body Dualism”

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    Mind-Body Dualism


    DiMoDa is proud to present its third full exhibition. Gateways and Talismans, curated by the DiMoDA Team, and Mind/Body Dualism, curated in collaboration with Nhung Walsh for Siggraph Asia 2017.
    • Mind//Body Dualism examines the topic of existence as a physical being and digital being simultaneously, adding nuance to the Cartesian idea of separation of mind and body and proposing yet a 3rd separation: The virtual body.
    • Gateways and Talismans explores the way in which artists use digital technologies as magic(k) tools and objects. Each artist takes different approaches to the experience of and idea of witchcraft. Summoning ancient persian genies with 3D scans, opening magic circles in abandoned casinos, navigating an orchestral and surreal landscape and Listening to disembodied voices reciting poetry in the forest.

    This project is a collaborative project between Digital Museum of Digital Art (Dimoda) and Siggraph Asia Art Gallery 2017 (Alfredo Salazar-Caro and William Robertson (Dimoda) and invited guest artists: Korakrit Arunanondchai, Debbie Ding, Vicki Dang, and Bani Haykal)

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