“MetaPo: A Robotic Meta Portal for Interspace Communication” by Yonezawa, Hayashida, Przybilla, Kyono, Urano, et al. …

  • ©Takuro Yonezawa, Nozomi Hayashida, Johannes Przybilla, Yutaro Kyono, Kenta Urano, and Nobuo Kawaguchi



Entry Number: 28


    MetaPo: A Robotic Meta Portal for Interspace Communication



    We introduce MetaPo, a mobile robot with spheric display, 360° media I/O and robotic hands for creating a unified model of interspace communication. MetaPo works as a portal between pairs of physical-physical, cyber-cyber and cyber-physical spaces to provide 1) panoramic communication for multiple remote users, and 2) immersive interspace migration with mobility functionality. The paper overviews our concept and first prototype of MetaPo with its hardware and software implementation.


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