“Mesostructure from specularity using coded illumination” by Francken, Mertens, Gielis and Bekaert

  • ©Yannick Francken, Tom Mertens, Johan Gielis, and Philippe Bekaert




    Mesostructure from specularity using coded illumination



    In this paper we propose a technique for efficient acquisition of fine-scale surface details, or mesostructure. Inspired by Chen et al. [2006], we wish to recover mesostructure normal maps using a single top-view camera and a point light source based only on spec-larities. Many interesting materials such as plastic and metal can be analyzed this way. Moreover, certain translucent materials such as human skin and fruit are hard to analyze using traditional photometric stereo, due to excessive subsurface scattering. Specularities are not influenced by this, enabling us to capture detailed normal maps for such cases.


    1. Chen, T., Goesele, M., and Seidel, H.-P. 2006. Mesostructure from specularity. In 2006 IEEE Computer Society Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR 2006), IEEE, New York, NY, USA, vol. 2, 1825–1832.

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