“Mesh Colors with Hardware Texture Filtering”

  • ©Cem Yuksel

  • ©Cem Yuksel

  • ©Cem Yuksel



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    Mesh Colors with Hardware Texture Filtering



    Texture mapping has fundamental limitations that cause important practical problems, such as the amount of manual labor needed for specifying the mapping and the visual artifacts in texture filtering that appear near seams. The mesh colors method [Yuksel et al. 2010] was proposed as an alternative to texture mapping that resolves these problems. However, mesh color filtering has been slow for real-time rendering, simply because mesh colors cannot directly use the existing texture filtering hardware on today’s GPUs. We introduce a method that converts mesh colors into a format that is similar to 2D textures (Figure 1), thereby allowing the use of existing texture filtering hardware on the GPU for mesh color filtering. We also discuss potential future modifications to the texture filtering hardware for fully supporting mesh color filtering.


    Yuksel, C., Keyser, J., and House, D. H. 2010. Mesh colors. ACM Transactions on Graphics 29, 2, 15:1–15:11.



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