“Mathmorph” by Tang and Anderson

  • ©Ming Tang and Johnathan Anderson



Entry Number: 39





    The name “Math-Morph” combines the notion of “mathematic” with the notion of “morphology. This project focuses on the study of “mathematic” as an embedded variability of spatial arrangement with procedural model. The influence of digital media and information technology on architectural education and practice is increasingly evident. Digital technology has reconditioned the design process that establishes new processes and techniques of fabrication. This reconditioning has influenced how we operate as architects. Today, architectural design and building construction are increasingly aided by and dependent on digital technology. These technologies allow architects to foresee the appearance and predict the performance of proposed buildings. Mathmorph proposes an interdisciplinary research in digital fabrication of unconventional 3D forms on a conceptual design level in order to explore their features in interacting with people and their potentials of being used as architectural forms. It describes an experimental approach which facilitates 3D form generation, visualization and fabrication.

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