“Material Parameter Editing System for Volumetric Simulation Models” by Iwamoto and Morishima

  • ©Naoya Iwamoto and Shigeo Morishima



Entry Number: 61


    Material Parameter Editing System for Volumetric Simulation Models



    This poster presents a novel editing system for the material parameters of volumetric models. Physically-based character animation is a trend for film making. Most recent approaches require volumetric lattices for simulation using finite element method such as [Hahn et al. 2012]. These approaches can represent secondary deformation and volume preservation in character animation. However, the anatomical structures for human-like characters are not considered, because it is difficult for rigging artists to edit anatomical features or material parameters to interior vertices enclosed in skin meshes. Our system can allow artists to adjust interior deformable parts (such as muscle, flesh, and skin) or material parameters using a texture-based approach (i.e. using a ”material map”) in Figure 1. In this poster, we demonstrate the effectiveness using various characters.


    1. Hahn, F., Martin, S., Thomaszewski, B., Sumner, R., Coros, S., and Gross, M. 2012. Rig-space physics. ACM Trans. Graph. 31, 4 (July), 72:1–72:8.


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