“MapD: A GPU-powered Big Data Analytics and Visualization Platform”

  • ©Christopher Root and Todd Mostak

  • ©Christopher Root and Todd Mostak

  • ©Christopher Root and Todd Mostak



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    MapD: A GPU-powered Big Data Analytics and Visualization Platform



    MapD, or “Massively Parallel Database”, is a big data analytics platform that can query and visualize big data up to 100x faster than other systems. It leverages the massive parallelism of commodity GPUs to execute SQL queries over multi-billion row datasets with millisecond response times, and optionally render the results using the GPU’s native graphics pipeline. Depending on the use case, MapD can be used as a standalone SQL database or as a data visualization suite by using its own visualization frontend (see Fig. 1) or by integrating it with other third-party toolkits.


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    We’d like to acknowledge the rest of the MapD engineering team for their excellent work – backend engineers: Alex Suhan, An- drew Seidl, Michael Thomson, & Minggang Yu, frontend engi- neers: Marc Balaban, Danny Delott, Du Hoang, Jonathan Huang, & Mike Luby, & product management: Ed O’Donnell.


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