“Manual NC Plotter” by Hirose and Tanaka

  • ©Yuichi Hirose and Hiroya Tanaka

  • ©Yuichi Hirose and Hiroya Tanaka

  • ©Yuichi Hirose and Hiroya Tanaka



Entry Number: 69


    Manual NC Plotter



    Even in todays world where we can touch information very intuitively with a gadget such as an iPhone, it is still interesting to know, actually, how bits are translated to physical matters and vice versa. Printers, for instance, print digital images on actual paper by moving its motors according to electrical signals. As to digital fabrication technologies, only 3D printers and laser cutters are often in limelight at the moment but this fields objective is how things can be digital, or how to translate bits into atoms and atoms into bits.


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