“Managing Parameter Spaces for Multimedia Composition” by Hepting, Gerhard, McKague and Schmiedge

  • ©Daryl H. Hepting, David Gerhard, Matthew McKague, and Paul Schmiedge



Entry Number: 078


    Managing Parameter Spaces for Multimedia Composition



    Although the capability to create whole animations by computer has greatly enhanced the artist’s repetoire, it does not by itself address the issue that Whitney [1980] encountered while producing his film, Arabesque, where the “concept was not deeply ‘mined’ for its fullest possibilities.” Systematic exploration of alternatives is usually costly because it requires “less imagination than patience” [Bertin 1983], and has no guarantee of results. Software systems aimed at reducing the requirement for patience in the exploration of alternatives have achieved success. Design Galleries [Marks et al. 1997] is a prominent example, but it is limited by the need for the composer to describe, a priori, how the system should differentiate between alternatives. In contrast, the approach presented in this poster, using cogito [Hepting 2003], allows the composer to explore the parameter space and interactively articulate what is of interest, using semantic distinctions. The system manages the realization of representative samples from amongst all available alternatives and allows the composer to focus on application of their aesthetic judgment instead of technical details.


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