“Managing A Computer Graphics Production Facility” Moderated by Wayne E. Carlson and Larry Elin

  • ©Wayne E. Carlson, Pete Fosselman, Ken Dozier, and Carl Rosendahl



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    Managing A Computer Graphics Production Facility



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    The computer graphics industry, as no other, combines the disciplines of science, art and business, and presents graphics facility managers with unique problems not faced by their counterparts in other industries. The growing proliferation of computer graphics systems for animation production, for CAD/CAM, and for all uses in the arts and engineering, has created a new wave of managers who share the same plight: how to succeed in the world of computer graphics. Panel members share stories, problems, solutions and insights for new managers who frequently are not prepared for this challenging position. This panel is also helpful for experienced managers who will be pleased to find that they are not alone with their problems.

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