“Mamagoto: “playing” with food” by Arakawa and Inakage

  • ©Takahiro Arakawa and Masa Inakage

  • ©Takahiro Arakawa and Masa Inakage




    Mamagoto: "playing" with food



    “Mamagoto” is an interactive and context-aware dining system which encourage small children to “play” with food. Even greatest scientists had times when their parents told them not to play with food. For small children, especially newly-born infants, everything they see, touch, hear, smell, taste, are new experiences. What they encounter at dining tables are no exceptions. For those curious little adventurers, tremendous varieties of colors, textures, tastes, shapes of food and of dishes and silverwares are full of amusement. Even when they seem to be messing up everything on the table, they are fully using their senses for new exploration, and this process of “playing” is important for development of their senses. This project encourages them to expand their sensory experience while eating, using “Mamagoto”.


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©Takahiro Arakawa and Masa Inakage

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