“Line segment sampling with blue-noise properties” by Sun, Zhou, Guo, Xie, Pan, et al. …

  • ©Xin Sun, Kun Zhou, Jie Guo, Guofu Xie, Jingui Pan, and Wencheng Wang




    Line segment sampling with blue-noise properties

Session/Category Title:   Sampling



    Line segment sampling has recently been adopted in many rendering algorithms for better handling of a wide range of effects such as motion blur, defocus blur and scattering media. A question naturally raised is how to generate line segment samples with good properties that can effectively reduce variance and aliasing artifacts observed in the rendering results. This paper studies this problem and presents a frequency analysis of line segment sampling. The analysis shows that the frequency content of a line segment sample is equivalent to the weighted frequency content of a point sample. The weight introduces anisotropy that smoothly changes among point samples, line segment samples and line samples according to the lengths of the samples. Line segment sampling thus makes it possible to achieve a balance between noise (point sampling) and aliasing (line sampling) under the same sampling rate. Based on the analysis, we propose a line segment sampling scheme to preserve blue-noise properties of samples which can significantly reduce noise and aliasing artifacts in reconstruction results. We demonstrate that our sampling scheme improves the quality of depth-of-field rendering, motion blur rendering, and temporal light field reconstruction.


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