“Line Drawings from 3D Models” by Cole, DeCarlo and Finkelstein

  • ©Forrester Cole, Doug DeCarlo, and Adam Finkelstein



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    Line Drawings from 3D Models

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    Basic familiarity with the graphics pipeline and some knowledge of calculus and linear algebra.   

    Nonphotorealistic rendering techniques, including line drawings, can be remarkably efficient at conveying  shape and meaning with a minimum of visual distraction. This class will describe techniques for auto- mated rendering of 3D models using a number of sparse line drawing styles, for both artistic and illustrative  purposes. We will mathematically define lines such as silhouettes, contours, creases, suggestive contours and highlights, and apparent ridges and valleys. We then describe algorithms for finding lines efficiently, including object- and image-space methods, and discuss methods for stylization and level-of-detail control. Finally, we provide a brief introduction to concepts of visual perception, including the information content of line drawings and the effects of abstraction and detail on attention. 


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