“Lightyear’ Look Development — Materials and Beyond” by Jordan, Beech, Porter, Dean and Thompson

  • ©Thomas Jordan, Ben Beech, Ben Porter, Ethan Dean, and Colin Thompson



Entry Number: 24


    Lightyear' Look Development — Materials and Beyond



    Lightyear presented interesting look development challenges. A widely familiar character, Buzz, needed to remain recognizable, but as a human being instead of a toy. Similarly, the environments in the film needed to buttress that look with cohesion and authenticity. Additionally, Buzz and the other characters needed stylized hair in order to fit in with the look of the film. All of this needed to work seamlessly together to create a cohesive look for Lightyear. In light of this, Lightyear consolidated the look teams from sets, characters and grooming all into one group to make a unified world on the screen. Come and learn about the journey we took to get there!

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