“Lighting the open world of New York Zero for Prototype 2” by O’Conor and Blommestein

  • ©Keith O'Conor and Josh Blommestein




    Lighting the open world of New York Zero for Prototype 2



    Prototype 2 is an open-world action game that gives the player superhuman abilities to move anywhere in the world – including the ability to run at speed up the side of a building, leap off the rooftop, and glide across the city. This freedom presented a variety of technical challenges, such as the question of how to get indirect lighting for both static and dynamic parts of a world where verticality and space plays such an important role. We discuss our solution – a novel pseudo-volumetric light baking process which packs vertical slices of the world into different mipmaps of a lightmap – and how it integrates with the art authoring pipeline and the rest of the rendering engine.

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