“Lighting Pipeline for One – Or How to Keep Sane in a Discworld”

  • ©Björn Siegert

  • ©Björn Siegert



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    Lighting Pipeline for One - Or How to Keep Sane in a Discworld



    Troll Bridge is a crowdfunded live-action short film more than 15 years in the making and involving the work of more than 400 volunteers across the world. In order to light and render over 500 shots it was necessary to build a workflow driven pipeline with minimal development overhead. In this talk we discuss how we brought the full CG environment of the bridge and the talking horse character to life by designing a lighting and rendering pipeline tailored to the needs of an independent working artist. We give insights into the challenges we encountered and how we kept our render budget low while still delivering feature film quality.


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    We would like to thank Daniel Knight and Ahren Morris who made this project possible. Special thanks goes to to Andrea Weidlich for her technical expertise and moral support, Christian Bloch and all the amazing artists who dedicated their time, knowhow and knowledge to bring one of Terry Pratchett’s stories to life.


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