“Life Drawing and 3D Figure Modeling with MAYA” by Garvey

  • ©Gregory P. Garvey




    Life Drawing and 3D Figure Modeling with MAYA



    This paper discusses development and organization of a workshop on modeling the human figure using Maya 3.0. Held at the Yale University Digital Media Center for the Arts, the workshop covers drawing from life, scanning, importing, setup of reference image planes, and introductory modeling. Topics include: discussion of Nicolaïdes’ drawing exercises; an overview of selected examples of figurative art from ancient through contemporary periods; planning appropriate poses; drawing from life; scanning the drawings, file importing, and setup of image planes; using NURB primitives such as circles, cylinders, spheres; lofting and stitching; basic transformations (move, scale, rotate); simple component editing using pick-masking; using Artisan (Sculpt NURBS Surfaces Tool); adding a basic skeleton and skinning; painting weights; simple texturing and using Paint Effects (hair); lighting (key, fill, rim); rendering to image files; and printing. This presentation reviews sample tutorials and student work, and concludes with a discussion of the aesthetic outcomes.


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