“LED-matrix Z-agon: the tangible multi-display cube and algorithm” by Matsumoto and Okude

  • ©Takashi Matsumoto and Nohito Okude




    LED-matrix Z-agon: the tangible multi-display cube and algorithm



    As a computer environment has been evolving toward the ubiquitous era, new interaction methods are required to deal with enormous visual contents in many situations. This project attempts to embed visual contents into the geometric multi-display of cube, which is also a subject of tangible human interaction. Z-agon is a portable device to watch multi-media contents on the cubed multidisplays. Its interface is operated by user’s turning action on the cube. Using an algorithm, the system determines what to show on which side of cube, what to hide on its back, and how to change these contents according to the user’s turning action. It will also bring unique contents connecting side to side and up and down of the cubic surface.


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