“LATTEMEGANE: the glasses and actuator-network for looking for one’s own treasure” by Hashimoto, Uriu, Nagao, Fukushima and Okude

  • ©Sho Hashimoto, Daisuke Uriu, Shota Nagao, Yuto Fukushima, and Naohito Okude




    LATTEMEGANE: the glasses and actuator-network for looking for one's own treasure



    LATTEMEGANE consists of networked actuators and glasses for seeing information of “one’s own treasure”. By user LATTEMEGANE, uses can experience the exciting feeling in treasure hunting in every daily life. The user wears special glasses “LATTEMEGANE” and will be able to find “one’s own treasure” out of various things in life. Moreover, a user feels the existence of other users who are aiming at the same treasure for themselves, and can enjoy the thrill. The examples of “one’s own treasure” could be the vegetables which was grown in my hometown, miso which my mother was using, and the book with which the photograph which the friend took is used. For other people, although these are almost worthless, they are “one’s own treasure.”


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