“L-Systems and Beyond” by Prusinkiewicz, Federl, Karwowski and Mech

  • ©Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz, Pavol Federl, Radoslaw Karwowski, and Radomir Mech


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    L-Systems and Beyond

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    Basic knowledge of geometric modeling algorithms, in particular subdivision curves and surfaces, and numerical methods for solving algebraic and (ordinary and partial) differential equations. Prior exposure to L-systems, fractals, and modeling of plants is desirable, but not necessary.

    Fundamentals of L-systems; solving systems of equations with L-systems; modeling of plant genetics, physiology, biomechanics, and ecology; geometric modeling of curves and surfaces; modeling programs and languages; and implementation of L-systems on graphics hardware.

    L-systems are a biologically motivated formalism for modeling and visualizing complex structures with a dynamically changing topology. Applications of L-systems and their extensions include modeling of plants and geometric modeling of curves and surfaces (for example, subdivision algorithms). This course presents recent theoretical results, implementations, applications, and research directions.


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